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Checks & Check Processing

Are you looking for check processing for your small business? Is credit card processing not a viable payment service due to your industry of business? Merchant Marketing Services has check processing services that are safe, secure, and fast.

Check out all the information you need to know right here! If you prefer, you can give our financial experts a call and they’ll be happy to tell you all about it.

What is Check Processing?

Check processing is a means of using a paper or eCheck to secure payment for goods and services. A merchant can accept the check from a customer and then convert it to money via a payment processor. The payment processor will go through a variety of steps to cash the check and place the money in the merchant’s account.

Our technology allows you to process checks electronically. You and your team can simply capture an image of the check (front and back), and use it for verification and deposit. This process reduces the time it takes for the cash to hit your account and lets you know immediately if your customer has sufficient funds in their account to cover the transaction.

Other benefits of check processing include:

  • Faster Processing Time Than Paper Checks
  • Fewer Regulations Than Card Payments
  • Lower Fees Than Many Credit Cards

Merchants are gravitating toward check processing for these reasons. Historically, payment processors have charged hefty fees to process checks due to the manual processes involved. With today’s technology, it’s faster, easier, and cheaper to accept check payments.

Types of Check Processing

The three main types of electronic check processing are ACH (automated clearing house), eCheck processing, and traditional paper checks. With our technology, all three methods can be processed electronically and in real-time. This is a faster and more secure way to accept checks for payment.

Paper Checks

Our technology allows merchants to accept paper checks face-to-face at their point of sale. The imaging hardware installed with our POS systems can scan and verify the account number while the customer is present. It will then take that information and produce an ACH deposit that typically clears the bank within three business days. Depending on your security features, this option may require a photo ID at the POS for the check to be processed.

Check 21

This method of check processing is similar to paper checks, but also includes checks received via the mail. It can digitally scan the checks and process them using remote deposit capture, RDC, technologies. The payments generally clear the bank within three business days. This can be really convenient for customers who prefer to mail check payments to your business rather than paying online or in person. If you’ve ever deposited a check through your banking app, you’ve likely used Check 21. It’s simple to use and easy to understand, which makes it a great option for businesses.


Automated Clearing House is one of the most popular methods of processing checks and other payment types. It is the network that is used for peer-to-peer payments and payroll direct deposit. This method allows merchants to process checks in person, online, over the phone, and more. It is the most versatile option available.

Solutions to Protect eCheck Payments from Bank Fraud

As with other payment methods, there is a risk of fraud with check processing. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help protect your business and partner financial institutions. Here’s a look at some of those methods.

Check Verification

Our system uses check verification, which includes the use of a photo ID to verify the presenter’s identity. The photo ID typically includes a name, birth date, and address, all of which can be verified electronically to make sure the checking account owner matches the owner of the ID. This can significantly decrease fraud in a point-of-sale environment.

Real-Time Authorization

Our software can provide real-time authorization of checks by verifying funds with the bank. This helps reduce the number of bounced checks that a merchant has to deal with each day. Customers can’t simply write a bad check and walk away with goods. Their account will be verified on the spot and declined for non-sufficient funds just like a card payment.


Much like card payment security features, we offer security for check processing, as well. PCI compliance is not an issue with checks, but encryption is. All of our solutions offer additional security to protect your customers’ data and keep it secure. This can help reduce the risk of cybercriminals gaining access to bank accounts and routing numbers.

Additional Information

If you’d like more information about electronic check processing, you can research the government organizations that govern it. Those organizations include NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association) and Federal Reserve Check 21. Both entities offer tons of information on their websites about the specific government regulations associated with check processing.

Merchant Marketing Services follows government protocols in all of our payment processing. We are committed to offering services that are fast and secure for all of our merchants and their customers. If you have questions about this, ask our team of experts during your merchant consultation.

How to Start Payment Processing Checks Today

If you’re ready to get started, the process is simple. Give our team of United States-based experts a call so we can do a business financial overview. We will take some time to learn about your business and what’s important to you. From there, we can build a personalized plan for payment processing in your business.

Our application process is short and simple but will require some basic information from you. Be sure to have applicable business information such as your EIN number available during the application process. If you already have a credit card processing account, we will need to discuss the various options available to you for payment processing. If you do not yet have an account, we will present those options, as well.

Give us a call or complete our Contact Us form and let’s get started!