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MMS 2.0 Adds New Dashboard and Improved Searching

Our new update has great new features that will improve your operations and enhance your user experience.

All New Dashboard Page

The new dashboard page gives you a clear overview of your payment processing. To help you do so, the page is organized into sections that we call cards. These cards display the data that you care about most.

The top row of cards shows you your total sales, daily average sales, and hourly average sales. Because of the importance of these numbers, we wanted to make them stand out—every time you log in you will be greeted with the most important information first.

The next card shows you a graph of your processing. By default your processing is sorted by total processing, but you can easily sort by terminal or transaction status. The default graph type is a line graph, which is great for seeing how your processing changes over time. Bar and pie graphs are also available to view your processing proportionally.

More Powerful Searching

The search pages have been completely redesigned to help you find customers and transactions faster. This is thanks to the new filters panel on the left side of the window. With this panel, you can search your data with a variety of easy to access filters. Upon applying a filter, that filter turns dark so that you always know what filters are active. We made these pages faster than ever when you apply a filter the list information reacts immediately, letting you work more efficiently.