Merchant Marketing Services USA can help expand your business with our added value services. Once we have set you up with a merchant account we will work with you to maintain your account and utilize it to your advantage. Our added value services are all part of what makes us your best choice for a merchant account provider.

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Merchant Marketing Services USA has a fullly trained customer service team that can help you with your sales and transaction processing. Coupled with our powerful Real-Time processing gateway partner, FASTeCOM, you will have access to a sophisticated Customer Relationsihp Management "CRM" system. FASTeCOM's CRM provides you with up to the minute status on all your transactions, account reports for any interval (daily, weekly, monthy, custom), and will also allow you to view manage your customers' information and their transactions.

Customer Serivce.

Our customer service team is fully trained in transaction processing and is here to serve you and your customers so that you can focus on your business while we help you with processing your customers sales. Some of the key services provided by our team include:

  • Phone and email support to customers
  • Verification services to secure your sales
  • Training and support on our CRM
  • Chargeback dispute management and follow up

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Chargeback Management.

Credit Card and Check chargebacks can pose a serious problem for merchants processing transactions over the internet. Over the recent months Visa and MasterCard have taken steps to protect cardholders from fraud by increasing sercurity measures and controls, increasing fines and penaties, and adding restrictions on the types of transactions they will allow to be processed. Merchants must be aware of these changes or risk losing their merchant account and being fined by Visa and MasterCard.

Merchant Marketing Services USA can help merchants manage their risk and reduce the number of chargebacks with its antifraud systmem and customer service transaction verification. In the event of a chargeback we will help you dispute the chargeback and reverse the charges. This not only saves you money but protects your merchant account from being fined or closed.

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